IT Fixit specialises in webhosting and webdesign.
We have a variety of hosting packages that caters for a very diverse market and we can even customise a package that is built around your specific bussiness profile and needs.

Our webhosting packages all include webstorage, sql database, and at least 100 unique email mailboxes. We use SEO with personelised metatags and sophisticated integrated html, xml and php extentions.
Our current track record gaurentees an impressive 99.7% uptime on websites and email services.
Please visit our Services Page for detail.
Web design:

IT Fixit specialises in webhosting and webdesign.
We want to express your personal appeal to your designanted potential market.
Because you offer a service or product with a unique angle, we want to express your personal appeal that seperates you from the general majority. That unique personal touch and approach that gives you the edge and distinguishes you from the majority must be emphesised on your website to convince potential customers that you are the correct and only choice.

Our basic websites are structured on a three page layout and is focused on creating awareness of your company and products. Even the basic sites will have an interactive contact page to put customers in direct contact with you and your sales staff. You can read more on our Services Page or visit our Contact Us Page to speak to a consultant about a personalised structured package.
I C T :

IT Fixit covers the complete Information Communication Technology spectrum:

We do sales, service maintenance and repairs to almost any IT related system and component.
When possible, we do repairs on-site. We value customer trust and data security and discression is treated with the highest regard and integrity.

Backup systems are employed on various levels as per customer needs and demands. Depending on the sensitivity of data information there are several security levels that can be implimented and third party software systems that can be installed. Cloud backup systems are becoming more and more popular and available. We have several different options.

Please visit our Services Page for a complete and detailed structure of our services, sales and SLA portfolio.

S L A:

IT Fixit can manage the total IT component of your bussiness to relieve you of the stress and headaches of day to day IT related issues.

We can structure a personalised SLA (Service Level Agreement) to suit your bussiness. We can also assist you with online IT support . please read more on our Services Page or visit our Contact Us Page.

IT Fixit supplies, installs and sets up all IP, High defenition and Analogue systems.
We can expand your exixting systems or install a brand new system with from four (4) cameras to more than 100 cameras.

We offer the dial-up service to all installations, but this requires an internet connection. We offer solutions for this as well. Please visit our Sercvices Page for more information. if you require more information or need us to visit your premises to give you a proper correct quote on a system, please visit our Contact Us Page.
Welcome to the Home Page of IT Fixit (PTY)Ltd.
IT Fixit specialise in webdesign, webdevelopment, webhosting, servers (setup, installations, maintenance), hardware sales, maintenance, repairs and CCTV installations, maintenance and repairs. We also supply software and do sofware maintenance and installation. Our webservice include email setup and maintenance that come with any basic domain hosting package. Please contact us via our Contact Us Page for more detail.

For any specifics and detail on any service or hardware, please visit our Services Page or you can contact us to speak to a technician or sales consultant.
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