IT Fixit provides your bussiness with total and complete stress free ICT solutions so you can concentrate on managing your bussiness.

We do sales, service maintenance and repairs to almost any IT related system and component. We truly are your one-stop IT solution.
When possible, we do repairs on-site. We value customer trust and data security and therefore data integrity is treated with the highest regard and discretion.

IT Fixit offers our existing customers remote support when and if possible. For normal software related issues that can be resolved via remote dial-up assistance, we will gladly help. Please contact us to arrange this support service and discuss the terms and conditions.

One of the most neglected areas in the IT trade, but definitely one of the most important infrastructures is the BACKUP SYSTEM.
Please ensure your backup system is sufficient, efficient, functioning properly and up to date!!!

Backup systems are employed on various levels as per customer needs and demands. Depending on the sensitivity of data information there are several security levels that can be implimented and third party software systems that can be installed. NAS (network assisted storage) and Cloud backup systems are becoming more and more popular and available. We have several different options availible and can assist in setting up a custom system for your company. Contact Us now to arrange a site-visit or to speak to a consultant.

Please visit our Services Page for a complete and detailed structure of our services, sales and SLA portfolio.
S L A:
IT Fixit can manage the total IT component of your bussiness to relieve you of the stress and headaches of day to day IT related issues.
Our SLA structures are customised around your bussiness and your requirements. We can assist you with totall ICT services or specified services to cover the areas that you are comfortable with.

The SLA system is ultimitely to assist customers with their IT infrastructure in such a way that it is financially beneficial for them to have continued support and maintenance on all hardware and software components. They also have peace of mind that the same technicians work on their systems and they will be familiar with the personalised setup and functionality of such systems. This also ensures data security and safety.
Our technicians will do routine site visits as per agreement to do software and hardware maintenance, ensure that backup systems are functioning properly and that all anti-viru software are up to date and effectively running on all platforms as required.

The services in our SLA structures can include (but is not limited to: email and web maintenance, hardware system maintenance, software maintenance and management, anti-virus management, backup management, etc...)
We do weekly site visits to ensure software, anti-virusand backup systems and licencing is up to date and functioning properly and we also do physical cleaning of hardware on a regular basis.

We can structure a personalised SLA (Service Level Agreement) to suit your bussiness. We can also assist you with online IT support. .

Please contact us for more detail on any of these services or to arrange a meeting where we can discuss how we can assist you.
Callout/labour/repairs and maintenace:
IT Fixit can provide your bussiness the latest technology and workmanship.

Our technicians will try to do repairs on site when at all possible. If we need to move items to the workshop, we will repair them as soon as possible, return them to your premises and install or set-up the particular item to ensure that all work is done properly. If necessary the component or workstation will be setup to the network and all printers and/or devices as before.

All data will be handled with utmost discression and integrity. All work that needs to be done will be discussed before we commence and quotes will have to be accepted by the customer before any expences will be made for the job in question. Call-outs to customers within the stated service areas are charged a standard rate. We do call-outs outside of the designated areas, but a travelling fee / delivery fee will be applicable according to where the service or delivery is required.

Our maintence and service can also be structured on a contract basis. We can customise a service level agreement whereby we take control of your IT responsibilties and ensure peace of mind. We will do routine software and hardware maintenance on a regular basis to make sure that your PCs are clean and your software stay malware and virus free.
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